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Friday, August 17, 2012

Aether Action

It is really unfortunate over my forty year sojourn with science that mainstream science has not yet united charge and gravity forces. If you do not know what unification means, do not worry because there are explanations galore for the proposition of charge and gravity unification. Moreover, the limitations of mainstream science are obscured by the tensor algebra of relativity, the particle zoo of the Standard Model, and the mysteries of black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. This complexity renders mainstream science's explanations unintelligible to most people.

My life with science and technology has involved discovery of meaning and a deeper understanding of being. I enjoy very challenging problems in science and technology and have tended to work on problems that others cannot easily solve.

Thus it is quite a pleasure to discover the aethertime universe from which all physical laws and constants derive from a simple set of rational beliefs in discrete matter and action along with the Schr√∂dinger equation. By augmenting continuous space and time with discrete matter and action, gravity and charge forces become scaled versions of each other and there are many other puzzles that discrete matter and action address. In fact, aethertime's particle-like Cartesian and wave-like relational representations for reality reveal the mystery of consciousness along with the vicissitudes and evolution of feeling and emotion. 

To explain the inexplicable, discrete matter and time delay provide a rational universe based on a set of three mathematical axioms, axioms that show the mystery of consciousness as well as the purpose and meaning of existence. Aethertime shows that there is a kind of spirituality within a rational universe with the gifts of matter, time, and action as a basis for imagining desirable futures.

The aethertime universe has three primal beliefs as origin, destiny, and purpose, a trimal that discovers meaning and purpose for  being. Every life and every universe has a beginning, has a destiny, and has a purpose in discovery and aethertime is a rationale for our universe that also has an origin, has a destiny, and has a purpose in discovery.

Humans and all life share and enjoy but a very thin slice of time and in fact all of human civilization is barely 5,000-10,000 human lifetimes, which is a bare one-hundred-thousandth of the lifetime of our universe. The primordial seed of all that we are is in discrete matter, time delay, and their action and we are therefore the progeny of the action of matter in time, even as we imagine our many possible futures. The universe, all life, and humanity would not be and we would not be without both the actions and the possibilities of matter that is our purpose in discovering how the universe works.

Religions believe in the supernatural, which seems like an otherwise harmless part of most other people’s lives. Religions have variously selected beliefs that are often associated with selective interpretations of ancient stories with mysterious supernatural origins that seem by definition irrational, but so what? People believe in a great many irrational things like extraterrestrial UFO's and conspiracies and yet people still survive and sometimes even thrive with many such irrational beliefs. Some people believe that they are beautiful and attractive in spite of evidence to the contrary in the mirror every morning.

After all is said and done, most of us can and still do agree to live by the golden rule and have compassion for others and limit our selfishness and adhere to the norms of civilization even without any supernatural stories to guide us. However, we also then agree to live by a code of justice enforcing those norms with punishment meted out to those who violate civilization's norms. 

Certain elements of religion do show a potentially destructive religio-politico zealotry that often seems to violate civil norms, but really this behavior is not unique for any particular religious ideology or even for religion at all. Religious and political zealotry by their very natures have a potential for persecution, for war, for inquisition, for shunning, for excommunication, and for other religious and political retributions. 

Religions believe in an afterlife that is free from all of the misery and selfishness of life, which can lead to self-destructive behavior. Leaving this life in favor of some imagined perfect afterlife can be the source of very destructive behavior, both for individuals as well as others whose lives those individuals touch.

We all have a purpose in discovering how the universe works, which can be as mundane as what is for lunch or as profound as the origin of all things. For me to imagine a desirable future, though, I need something much more rational and much better tied to a rational universe than any of these religious or political beliefs. After all, any of these beliefs, even Buddhism and capitalism, has its zealots.

So I now count myself as a believer of sorts, and I have come to believe in both science and in the metascience of discrete matter, matter exchange, and time delay. Aethertime is a simple set of rational beliefs that anchors existence. Although there will always be some mysteries and gaps in any science, thank goodness that science will always explain the explainable.

But then there will always be the inexplicable that science can never hope to explain, and as a result, we all also need the spiritual or supernatural stories for the inexplicable and the ineffable parts of existence. For the inexplicable, we all need primal beliefs; in an origin, in a destiny, and in a purpose--the trimal. That we need this trimal belief is self evident since there would be no conscious life without unfounded and unconditioned belief. We can choose to ignore the inexplicable, but that simply reduces our purpose to some default or innate belief. In fact, most people accept their primal beliefs from established supernatural agents, which have been providing such guidance from a diverse set of ancient stories for thousands of years. 

Discrete matter and time delay are a framework for existence which make help me understand all of the extant beliefs of civilization, religious, political, and philosophical. Through the prism of aethertime, the wisdom of ancient stories comes alive and aethertime provides an understanding of human reason.