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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Gravity Lens and Blueshift from Photon Convergence


The quantum gravity of matter action first bonds all matter to the universe with photon exchange and so the apparent attraction of gravity is really due to the gravity shadows between bodies that show gravity attraction as universe collapse. Thus, quantum gravity is just an apparently attractive force that is actually a result of the bonding of each body to a shrinking universe full of blackholes. Gravity attraction between two bodies along their line of action is then a result of the quantum gravity shadows of each body on the other's universe bonds. 

Gravity deflection of light near bodies like the sun is one of the fundamental hallmarks of general relativity. Another fundamental hallmark of general relativity is the blue shift of light near bodies like the sun. In matter action, though, it is actually photon convergence near any body that both blue shifts and deflects light as the figure shows photon brane convergence means that gravity action is really quantum action due to quantum bonds and gravity is not due to a field after all. The convergence of photon brane resonances near a gravity body causes both the blue shift and deflection of light that occurs near any body. 

In fact, both matter and photon blue shifts and deflections make up blackholes because of the eternal nature of blackhole light absorption. A blackhole never really absorbs light like ordinary matter and instead, a blackhole traps light along along with light's space and atomic time in an eternal collapse in cosmic or universe time. This is in contrast to ordinary matter's absorption and emission of light by matter dipoles instead of a blackhole eternal collapse trapping light.

The eternal collapse of blackhole light is then the glue that binds the universe together and represents the destiny of all light, matter, and neutrinos.