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Monday, March 11, 2024

Finite Quantum Gravity with the Cosmic Collapse of Discrete Aether

Science has long recognized that quantum field theory, QFT, is what determines the action of our microscopic reality. Photon exchange between matter particles leads to photon geodesic paths for the action of QFT. However, gravity is what determines the action of our macroscopic reality and the point-like attraction of gravity is inconsistent with QFT. The figure shows that the gravity attraction between quantum particles necessarily leads to to an infinite graviton exchange and therefore an infinite energy.

String theory adds many extra hidden dimensions to limit graviton exchange to a finite number, but there are an infinite number of string theories consistent with extra hidden dimensions. Since there has not been a single string theory, string theory has not been that useful as a basis for the problems of quantum gravity.

Discrete aether does not add any extra parameters or dimensions to limit graviton exchange to a finite number. Instead, discrete aether shows that the existing photon exchange bonds of particle to the universe provides a basis for quantum gravity as the figure shows. Gravitons are actually biphotons and therefore it is photon exchange with the collapsing universe that limits graviton exchange to a finite numbers.