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Monday, May 8, 2023

Five Great Issues of Science

 Five Great Issues of Science

The five great issues of Science represent the purest Science driven by our curiosity, often termed basic research. These great issues represent the collective curiosity of humanity for all of recorded history and the economic sector Knowledge represents these great issues. In fact, the five great issues of Science are perpetual issues that Science will never completely resolve.

There are two great motions of the five issues of matter, action, life, free choice, and cosmos. The figure shows the motion of quantum phase coherence orders the complementary chaotic motion of classical entropy from the cosmic microwave background to the blackhole destiny. Matter is what makes up the universe while action is how the universe changes matter. Life is an evolution from the chaos of the disordered CMB matter to the ordered life of quantum coherence that gives us the feeling of free choice. We wonder about the origin of the cosmos since the chaos of entropy as well as the coherence of quantum phase make up the universe as complementary matter and action.

There are also many great problems of Science, that Science will eventually solve and so differ from the perpetual nature of the five great issues. The problems of Science are called applied Science, but some are also called basic Science. Among the problems of Science are:

1) Treating Cancer (Health);
2) Treating Heart Disease (Health);
3) Treating other Diseases (Health);
4) Placing People into Space (Knowledge);
5) Reducing Energy Costs (Energy);
6) Improving Transportation (Transportation);
7) Cleaning Up Defense Wastes (Security);
8) Maintaining Economic Stability (Money);
9) Reducing Human Environmental Impact (Environment);
10) Stabilizing Population Growth (Environment);
11) Maintaining World Peace (Security);
12) Maintaining National Defense (Security);
13) Harnessing Nuclear Energy (Energy);
14) Reducing Crime and Faction Conflicts (Security).

Civilization addresses the five issues and many problems of Science for innovation that improves wellbeing. After all, wellbeing includes the habitats of environment as well as the comforts of civilization.