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Friday, June 14, 2019


Black Holes and Time

Black holes represent the end of atomic time for matter and atomic time literally stops at a black-hole event horizon. Neither atomic time nor space have any meanings at a black hole event horizon. What does it mean when atomic time stops ticking? It does not mean that the universe is at the end of cosmic time...

Atomic clocks only represent one of the two dimensions of time and the other cosmic time dimension is the very slow change of the universe. The universe changes as a result of its very slow action and those changes give time a second dimension as cosmic time. That is, cosmic time is the slow change of the universe beyond the ticks of atomic clocks and therefore beyond the event horizons of black holes. In fact, black holes represent the very slow matter decay of cosmic time and a kind of eternally collapsing object. Eternally collapsing objects are an alternative explanation for black holes.

The very slow cosmic time of the universe is in basically the quantum dephasing time of universe matter. The universe changes because of its very slow dephasing time and that slow change turns out to be what drives the much faster changes of atomic time as well.

The very slow change of the universe is in its cosmic dephasing time and for a pulsed universe, that cosmic dephasing time means the very slow decay of matter. This very slow decay of matter complements a very slow growth in force and the combination of matter decay and force growth are what make up the reality that we see. In fact, the very slow universe cosmic decay time is what creates gravity force as the amplitude and phase of the universe pulse.

Charge force is very much stronger than gravity force and charge force comes about on atomic time scales. All matter oscillates with both phase and amplitude and the relative phase and amplitude of matter oscillation is charge force. Each charge bond results in a complementary photon emission and phase and it is the biphoton complements between neutral matter bodies that then result in gravity force.