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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Mattertime 5: Two Big Rabbit Holes to Avoid...

Understanding physical reality means avoiding two very deep rabbit holes of mainstream science.


• First rabbit hole is the notion of infinitely divisible time and space, Zeno’s paradox
    −time and space both emerge from discrete causal sets and so infinitely divisible time and space are illusions of our discrete reality.

• Second rabbit hole is the notion of relativity without any quantum phase, Schrödinger’s phase decay paradox
    −quantum phase decay plays no role in gravity relativity
    −quantum gravity emerges from discrete causal sets with quantum phase decay limiting entanglement and correlation

Zeno's paradox is quite well known and has many different versions that all amount to the impossibility of infinitely dividing space and time.

Schrodinger's phase decay paradox is known at the superposition of cat alive and dead at the same time and place according to quantum theory. Fundamentally, the decay of quantum phase completely resolves this paradox, which completely ignores the role of quantum phase decay in superposition states. Even though there is indeed a very short time where the cat's microscopic states are in a large number of quantum superpositions, quantum phase decay limits quantum superposition for all macroscopic objects.

There are scientists who spend their entire career in either or both of these rabbit holes and even make money from their book sales.