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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Graviton Noise of Quantum Gravity

We live in an ocean of graviton noise and so it is graviton noise that is what makes things happen in our quantum reality. Entangled photons, biphotons, make up gravitons and are what bind each body to the universe of black holes. Black holes are the penultimate heat sink for all of our reality and what we see as gravity attraction is actually just the collapse of the universe matter and the interaction of photon geodesics.

The destiny of all black holes is then a single black hole that is the destiny of this cycle of the universe collapse. In other words, bodies do not really bond to each other with gravity. Instead each body bonds to the universe and we see gravity attraction as the universe collapse of photon geodesics.

The graviton noise of the universe photon geodesics is what makes all wavefunctions collapse and so graviton noise is also what makes reality real...

Blackholes eventually anchor all CMB photons and it is biphoton eternal exchange that results in the apparent gravity between blackholes. What we call gravity photon deflection is actually the deflection of photon geodesics and so gravity lenses are really photon geodesic lenses...