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Friday, May 3, 2019

Two Different Narratives for the Same Universe

There are actually two very different narratives for the same cosmic microwave background and red-shifted galaxy light of deep space. The mainstream Big Bang universe of space and time shows a constant mass and speed of light as well as many other constants as well, all with the same constant tick of atomic time. Therefore, the universe expansion time has the same atomic time since creation.

An alternative explanation for the same red-shifted galaxy light is that matter and action are not constant for precursor, hydrogen, stars, and galaxies. The shrinking matter and expanding force universe, aethertime, is a collapsing wavefunction that shows a shrinking mass and growing speed of light along with other growing constants. Instead of a plethora of aethertime constants, there are just two constants; the mass and action of an aether particle. There are two aethertime dimensions, not just atomic time. As the universe decays, atomic time ticks faster than the universe decay time and so there are just two aethertime constants: the aether particle mass and its action as a quantum oscillation.

The Planck constant, h, is the action constant of light since it gives the energy of each photon of light from the light's oscillation frequency. Likewise, hae = h/c2 is the action constant of aethertime since it gives the equivalent mass of any action oscillation frequency. All quantum aether oscillates and the relative phases of matter's quantum oscillations are what either bonds or scatters matter with aether exchange. This means that each photon of light is actually a bound aether pair and the photon energy is equal to the strength of that bond.

The aether particle mass is the second aethertime constant and is simply the fraction of hydrogen atom action mass, hae/tB, due to gravity versus charge, forcecharge/forcegravity. The ratio of the Planck constant, hae, to Bohr hydrogen orbit period, tB, is the mass equivalent bonding energy of a hydrogen atom and so the aether particle mass is then the matter equivalent bonding energy of the universe to itself.

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