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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Knowledge, Intuition, and Reason...What is Not False and Not True...

Intuitive maths tells us not what is true or false, but rather intuition tells us what is not false and not true and therefore includes what is uncertain as well. A major feature of intuition is in the role of uncertainty and therefore wisdom and quantum intuition respects the limits of both classical knowledge and reason. While our universe is causal, it is not infinite and not infinitely divisible either. Therefore, the future is not predictable and as a result, free choice is also not predictable or predetermined.
Therefore, classical knowledge is not really about what is true, rather classical knowledge is about what is not false. Likewise, we do not reason that something is false, we reason instead that something is simply not true. In between classical knowledge and reason lies quantum intuition and wisdom brings all of classical knowledge, reason, and quantum intuition together as what can be known.

Outside of the realm of what we can know lies the quantum unknowable, which is different from things that are simply uncertain and that we only just do not yet know but can possibly know.

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