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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Photon Geodesics

Photon geodesics connect emission and absorption actions between matter particles and between all bodies and the universe. Gravity is then not due to the photon geodesics between bodies, but rather gravity is then actually due to the photon geodesic shadows between bodies that just appears to be a gravity attraction between bodies. Since both charge and gravity are due to photon geodesics, gravity is then quantum and the quantum gravity shows typical quantum properties like superposition, interference, and entanglement.

The quantum gravity of photon geodesics follows gravity relativity since it is photon geodesics that make up space and time and gravitation lensing results from the interactions among photon geodesics, not really from gravity per se. Photon geodesic gravity is then all about the warping of photon geodesics, which is equivalent to the gravity warping of relativistic spacetime.

The means that the gravity that holds our body to Earth is due to the luminosities of our body as well as that of Earth and the luminosity of the universe. Science measures luminosity from the thermodynamic heat of all bodies, but Science does not yet associate that luminosity with gravity relativity. The association of gravity with luminosity of photon geodesics is the key to a quantum gravity that unifies all forces for the first time...

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